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Posted on: October 30th, 2008 by Paul Krupin

For Immediate Release

Media passes, interviews, and additional information available upon request.

Contact: Bill Word at (714) 844-9120 or email: or simply hit reply to this email.

Bill Word Announces 7th Annual


OC’s Funniest Finals at The OC Pavilion on Friday, November 7, 2008


For photos, bios, media interview requests and Orange County’s Funniest Person Contest logo, please contact:

Bill Word at (714) 844-9120 or email:

Bill Word and Laughing Grape Comedy are proud to announce the Finals of the Seventh Annual Orange County’s Funniest Person Contest will be held at 8pm on Friday, November 7, 2008, at the OC Pavilion, one of the finest venues in Orange County and home of the highly acclaimed Ambrosia Restaurant. Eight finalists will compete for $1800 and have their performances featured in a DVD.

The OC Pavilion is freeway close, located in the Historic Art District at 801 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, California 92701. Tickets for the finals will be priced starting at $20 and are available by going to or from the OC Pavilion Box Office at (714)550-0880. Tickets will be $25 at the door the night of the event, if any seats remain available.

Information about prior contest winners Christopher Heard, Brandon Tyra, Geoff Keith, Marc Takemiya, Ron McGehee and Vince Harper is available at

Bill Word, the creator of OC’s Funniest Person Contest, has for over 15 years, produced and performed live comedy. He created California’s Funniest Female Contest, Ultimate Laff-Down and a comedy workshop series that has been attended by hundreds of aspiring comedians. He is known throughout the country, but particularly in Southern California, as a developer of new talent of all ages and an advocate of women in comedy.

MEDIA seeking to report on shows please present credentials for admittance. Group discounts are available for early rounds by calling (714) 844-9120.

Finals, Friday, November 7, 2008, 8pm

OC Pavilion, 801 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, California 92701

Democrats are Better for the Economy! Here’s the Proof!

Posted on: October 29th, 2008 by Paul Krupin

Democrats are Better for the Economy!

Here’s the Proof!

For Immediate Release — Please forward. This data and analysis commentary may be freely used.

Contact: Arthur Blaustein or hit reply to this email.

The Three Great Stock Market Crashes Have Happened At The End Of Long Periods Of Republican Rule!

Look at the data! The 3 Great GOP Stock Crashes

Crash Date President in Office

Harding (REPUBLICAN) Mar. 1921—Aug. 1923

Coolidge (REPUBLICAN) Aug. 1923—Mar. 1929

10/28/1929 Hoover (REPUBLICAN) Mar. 1929—Mar. 1933

10/19/1987 Reagan (REPUBLICAN) Jan. 1981—Jan. 1989

10/2-27/2008: Bush (REPUBLICAN) Jan. 2001—Jan. 2009


Are Republicans or Democrats Better for the Economy?

Since World War II, which president, Democrat or Republican, was the best economic manager according to the following eight generally accepted economic baselines?

Do you know your history? You can take this quiz! Choose from the following:

Six Republicans–(Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Poppa and Younger Bush)–and

Five Democrats–(Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton).

** Results below.

1. Greatest growth in (GDP) Gross Domestic Product?

2. Biggest increase in JOBS?

3. Best increase in after-tax Personal Disposable Income (PDI)?

4. Highest growth in Industrial Production?

5. Biggest jump in Hourly Wages?

6. The lowest Misery Index? (Lowest inflation + unemployment.)

7. The lowest Inflation?

8. The largest reduction in the Federal Budget Deficit?

**Answers: 1) (Truman), 2) (Carter), 3) (Johnson), 4) (Kennedy) 5) (Johnson), 6) (Truman), 7) (Truman), 8) (Clinton).

Surprise! It’s a Democratic sweep! See footnote [1] for link.

And the evidence is piling up.

October 2008 articles in The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Investment News have demonstrated that THE ECONOMY WORKS BETTER UNDER DEMOCRATS. [2] [3] [4] [5]

The economy works better under Democratic Presidents because they bolster the Middle Class and Lower Income earning power, which is the underpinning to a healthy, growing economy. It’s also because Democrats know they have to regulate Wall Street–because an unregulated Wall Street won’t or can’t prevent economic death matches, stock market death spirals and investment house Ponzi schemes—as former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan ruefully acknowledged last week. [6]

This data and analysis commentary may be freely used.

For More Information or for Interviews Please Contact: Arthur Blaustein or hit reply to this email.

About Arthur Blaustein. Professor Blaustein is a former chair of President Jimmy Carter’s National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity. He teaches social and economic policy at UC Berkeley. The author of four books, his most recent book is: “Make a Difference: Your Guide to Volunteering and Community Service.”

Other hard data analysts:

Campaign for America’s Future:

Economic Policy Inst:

Center on Budget & Policy Priorities:

[1] Democrats Rate as Economic Stewards

by Andrew Coen, Investment News

[2] Why the Economy Fares Much Better under Democrats

by Larry M. Bartels, Christian Science Monitor

[3] Would Obama’s Plan be Faster, Fairer, Stronger?

by Alan A. Blinder, New York Times

[4] Economy has Fared Better under Dem Presidents

by Arthur Blaustein, San Francisco Chronicle

[5] Republican Economic Policies Don’t Add Up

by Prof. Arthur Blaustein,—(an LA Times Blog)

[6] Greenspan Admits to some Mistakes

by Tom Bawden, London Times Online

Political Expert Available for Interview

This data and analysis commentary may be freely used. Arthur Blaustein is also available for interview upon request.

Contact: Arthur Blaustein or hit reply to this email.

Healthy Aging—for Kids?

Posted on: October 29th, 2008 by Paul Krupin

For Immediate Release

Carole Carson is available for interviews. Review and promotional copies of Carole’s book, From Fat to Fit, and media kits are available upon request.

Contact: Mary Ellen Gross, 858-456-0707,

Healthy Aging—for Kids?

Today’s children may be the first generation to have poorer health and live shorter lives than their parents. In July, the American Academy of Pediatricians sounded the alarm when it encouraged pediatricians to treat children at risk—as young as eight—with drugs for high cholesterol. This condition—as well as others that were formerly found exclusively in adults and seniors—is a byproduct of another startling statistic: one out of three children is overweight or obese.

September is national Healthy Aging Month, and its traditional focus has been on adults 50 years or older. But in light of the downward trend in longevity, the concept of healthy aging needs to be applied to everyone—even children.

Carole Carson—dubbed “An Apostle for Fitness” by the Wall Street Journal and the author of From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction—says whether we=re teachers, friends, parents, aunts and uncles or grandparents, we can help children get fit and preserve their option to age healthfully. Here are three FIT tips:

F: Feed your children home-cooked meals that include vegetables and fruit. Fill your cupboard and refrigerator with healthy “fast foods” (for example, bananas, apples, hard-boiled eggs, whole wheat bread, raisins and carrots) that kids can grab and eat on the run.

I: Inquire about the calories and content of restaurant and processed foods, checking specifically for fat, trans fat and sodium. Involve yourself in parents’ groups promoting healthy school lunch programs. Introduce the concepts of portion size and caloric content.

T: Teach children about nutrition, for example, the importance of drinking milk to build strong bones and eating fresh fruits and vegetables to provide needed vitamins, fiber and nutrients. Take time to participate in fun physical activities with your kids, showing them by example that exercise is important.

Raising children is a daunting yet fun-filled challenge. To ensure that our children develop into fit, productive adults, all of us must adopt a healthy lifestyle. We’re never too old—or too young—to focus on fitness.

From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction

By Carole Carson

For more information on getting and staying fit, for a copy of From Fat to Fit, or to interview the author, please contact Mary Ellen Gross, 858-456-0707,, or visit